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I specialize in mobility, handstands, locomotion flow, and strength training.

My coaching services include one-on-one sessions, group classes, and online programming to guide you along your movement journey.

Online Coaching
for GMB Programs


For this option, I will provide personalized feedback and answer all your questions while you follow one or more GMB program. This may include calls, online check-ins, and program modification. Note that you will have to purchase the program separately.

I suggest starting with Mobilty or Elements, then Integral Strength.

Personalized Programming & Online Coaching

In this option I will customize a 4 week long program so that you can work on the goals most important to YOU. Select the frequency of services you would like to receive to customize your optimal coaching experience.

Individual and Group Training

In these sessions, I guide you or a group of friends through a workout online or in person to help you move towards your fitness goals.

We can focus on a specific skill like handstands  🙃 or general goals like strength and flexibility.

Custom Service

Looking for something different?


Maybe a private handstand class for your bachelorette weekend? Or a team-building flexibility workshop for your cohort?

Please, share your ideas! I am all ears 🐰​


Let's discuss your needs and come up with something just for you. ​ Send me an email to set up a free consultation.

A La Carte

Pay for these services individually to tailor a coaching experience that will fit your needs and budget. 

Workout Program

To see significant progress in any skill, go for the strategy More of Less. This means more practice of fewer things.

For this service, I will outline a complete individualized repeatable program for a single workout  based on your unique goals. You will receive detailed instructions for each movement, and alternative exercises to tailor the workout to your energy levels for the day.

Online Check-In

You send videos; I provide feedback!


For this service, you will send me up to two videos of your movement and I will provide targeted feedback to help you improve and progress.

These check-ins allow me to assess your form for safety and effectiveness while enabling you to stay on track.


Coaching Call

In these coaching calls we can talk about progress, programming, goal setting, and challenges you may be experiencing in relation to your training.

Individual Training Session


Let's work on the skills most important to YOU.


In these live sessions, I provide real-time demos and explanations in addition to immediate, feedback on your movement.

I generally teach using the GMB method and 5P's approach to training:




Group Training Session

Training is more fun with friends! I'm happy to train you and a +1 or more.

The Not So Fine Print

Starting costs are for online sessions. There may be a fee for travel or facility rental for in-person sessions.

A $20 no-show fee is charged if you do not show within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.

Online services are purchased at the beginning of each 4-week cycle and must be redeemed during that 4-week cycle. Unredeemed services are refundable within 72 hours of purchase.

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