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One of the most common questions I get regarding movement is "How can I become more flexible?"

There's no one right answer to this. 

I gained most of my flexibility through practicing yoga for over a decade. But there were some areas of mobility I didn't gain until I stepped out of the yoga studio and started working with a personal trainer.

I find that a regular routine of active mobility exercises paired with stretching has been really valuable for me. GMB has a great program called Focus Flexibility that combines dynamic contractions with stretching to increase mobility that works astonishingly well for most people.

I also practice Functional Range Conditioning exercises that are entirely based on active mobility. My yoga teacher, Erika Abrahamian and trainer, Erin Courtney incorporate FRC principles into their respective classes.

The thing is, if you are just getting started, it doesn't matter what method you choose, but that you make a choice, and you consistently practice. Every week. Once a week at the very minimum, 3 - 5x per week if you want to feel quicker results. The more you practice, the faster you will progress.

Remember, to progress in anything:

Show up. Do the things. Be consistent.

And trust the process.

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